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I work in many areas, but if it's Perl-related and your company uses Perl heavily, there's a good chance that your employees already know me by reputation or have read one of my books. You'll find me easy-going and diligent. I have a strong background in software testing, having built or worked on many of the most popular testing tools for Perl, including my favorite, Test::Class::Moose, an xUnit framework for large application test suites.

Email me and let's discuss how I can help you build value for your customers.

I have very extensive experience with:

  • Hiring for, and managing of, remote teams.
  • Agile project management.
  • Catalyst, Moose, Template Toolkit, DBIx::Class MVC stacks.
  • Testing of large-scale applications.
  • Fixing database integration issues.

A few things I have been hired for:

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Here are some of my articles to help you get a good sense of whether I'm a fit for your needs.

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