About Me

I'm Curtis "Ovid" Poe. I've been building software for decades. I've worked on systems ranging from COBOL financial applications, pharmaceutical ETL systems, to large-scale Websites written in Perl.

I specialize in building database-driven Websites and teach developers how to design and use databases. I also specialize heavily in the Perl programming language and joined The Perl Foundation board of directors in 2009.

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Hire Me

Drop me a line and let's discuss how I can help your company. Naturally, I do a lot of bespoke development on large, database-driven websites using Perl, but there are many other areas I can help you with. I can help get your legacy codebase back on its feet or fix your database issues. I also do agile consulting and can help you understand when to choose Agile. In fact, I've been working in Agile (mostly Scrum and XP) for so long and consulted with so many company that I've created "WildAgile", an agile system that maps to how your developers actually work, rather than imposing an artificial, monolithic structure.

Public Speaking

I also speak at private corporate events and technical conferences across Europe and the US and am frequently the keynote speaker. Here's a video of one of my talks at a Perl conference, but was also rated 5 out of 5 stars at OSCON:

If you'd like top-notch consulting or training, email me and let's discuss how I can help you. Read my hire me page to learn more about my background.

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